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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Opens a Milking Farm, Part One" by Jay Roberts++Do not be fooled by the pre teen beautiful lolitas words "milk" and "Farm". They sound innocent,
but they mask the true intent of this story that is porn. Therefore young
folks under 18 should not be tooling around this site. Please leave and
return when you pass the 18 year old test.Beau Buford was one of those eighteen-year old lads who was enchanting
because he did not know that he was so beautiful. Well, beautiful is not
the correct word. He was cute and wholesome beyond belief. His friends
knew it, but they never told him for fear it would go to his head. Girls
sketched his face and body onto the covers of their notebooks. Even Miss
Warmstedder, his young math teacher huffed and puffed when she leaned over
to help him with his equations. He natural farm smell was like perfume to
her. She admired his thick sandy hair that fell over his forehead almost
obscuring his brilliant blue eyes. His skin was smooth and flawless;
thanks to the healthy farm food he ate. girl sucks on lollipop The boy was strong and his arm
muscles bulged out over his rolled up Bibb Overall sleeves. Then there was
his smile, gleaming teeth, pink full lips and eyes crinkled up. It was
just too gorgeous to look at. Secretly, as soon as she could, she rushed
to the teachers' lounge to rub her pussy until she gasped and cried Beau's
name.Beau didn't have time for fooling around sexually with boys or girls. As
soon as the school day was over, he rushed home to tend to the milking and
other chores around the small dairy farm. His Gramps did the best he
could, but he was getting pretty old and the milking hurt his back and he
couldn't carry the heavy pails anymore. Beau's older brother Clement was
not much help. He had a jug of moonshine under the bed and by evening
milking time, he was too drunk to be of any use.When he arrived at the barn, the cows were mooing with the discomfort of
their full utters. He milked all six of them, talking sweetly to them as
his strong hands alternately squeezed and pulled as the stream tinkled as
it hit the galvanized pail. Today, for the first time, it preteen pics lolita nymphets struck him that
the teat was a little like a penis, and the milk was a little like the
sperm that shot out of his long, fat male organ. He had discovered the
pleasure of rubbing himself off daily. He never told anyone about it. It
was his secret."I wonder what it would be like to milk someone?" This thought stayed with
him for days, until finally he decided to ask Clement, his older brother.Clement was one of the many admirers of his younger brother Beau, but he
never let on. To cover up the crush he had on him, he cuffed him around
and generally insulted him, but Beau, with his sweet nature just smiled or
laughed.Often Clem would stand at Beau's bed, in the room they shared, and stare
down at the sleeping boy. Beau's handsomeness was amplified when he slept.
Clem admired the long curling eyelashes that lay across his smooth cheeks
and the puffy mouth he made as he slept as hard as any boy could. Lately
Clem had stroked Beau's big prick as he slept and enjoyed watching it grow
long and stiff. Finally, Clem would jerk himself off into the rag he kept
hidden under his mattress."Clem," Beau asked, in his charming husky voice, "Did you ever think on how
milkin' a cow is a little lak milkin' yerself?"That made Clem open his eyes in interest. "Ya think so?""I do, mightily."Clem got a crafty look. At nineteen, he was always horny. He had girl
friends, but his oafish ways had worn out his welcome and he had great
difficulty in talking them into a blowjob, let alone a fuck. Speaking
carefully, he said, "Bro, we could try out that idea."Beau stared at his brother, wondering why suddenly he was speaking so nice
to him. "You mean I should milk you?" He fell back on the bed, laughing
out of amusement and embarrassment. He had never peeked at Clem's sexual
organ. He now felt a great curiosity to see his brother penis, especially
when it was stiff. And the sight of it spewing "milk" was a fascination he
had to turn into reality.Clem hoped he hadn't sounded too queer suggesting this. He leaned down and
took a big drink from the jug. He was already half drunk, and this last
swallow completed his inebriation. He slurred, "Beau Bro, How do we do
this?""Furst of all, git naked, iffin' yer don't mind."Clem rushed to get his clothes off, before his brother changed his mind.
He wore only his overalls, he was barefoot as well. underage lolitas free thumbs He shrugged them off
his shoulders. Naked, Clem revealed a thin, tight body with a patch of
hair on his chest and luxuriant pubic hair that went from his navel and to
both hips. Beau glanced down, seeing that his brother was already stiff
with his organ standing out from his body.Beau scratched his head. "Now let's see. Yer sex organ has to be under
you. Git on yer knees and elbows with yer rump in the air."Beau gave Clem's ass cheeks a smart slap, just like he did for the cows,
once the older boy was in position. Clem yowled in surprise, but to his
amazement, that slap almost made his ejaculate in pleasure. He was
learning new things about himself.He waited, his prick flexing in want. "Beau. Let's us git this show on
the road. Start milkin', but take it easy, I'm no cow."Beau fell to the task naturally. His smooth strong farm boy hands grasped
the long cock hanging down. Clem moaned at the good feeling. "You okay
Clem? Did I hurt ya?""No," husked Clem. "Stop jawin' and git to work."Beau laughed. This was really fun. He felt that this "game" was bringing
them closer together.He squeezed and then pulled gently. He felt that Clem had leaked some milk
on his hands and that made the pulling easier. He knew what that was. The
same thing happened to him. He leaked a lot, long before he actually shot
out his stuff. He guessed that Clem, being of the same family was the same
as he was, peniswise.But Beau was amazed at what an effect his ordinary milking method was
having on Clem. The older boy was mewling and his hips were shagging back
and preteen cp lola pussy forth. "Oh damnation Beau, I'm near ready to spill over. Kin you
kinda lak kiss me hard when I come, the way girls do. It's part of the
milkin' unnastan?"Beau was a good boy, an obedient boy and he always wanted to do what made
others happy, but Clem's request was a bit hard for him to comply with.
Sure, it was his brother, and brothers do kiss. But that's on special
occasions and only on the cheek. Clem was asking for a mouth kiss, the
kind of kiss that boys give their girl friends. But finally his mind came
to a rest. Clem was his only brother. If a kiss was what he wanted when
he delivered his milk, then Beau would do it.Clem was now almost senseless with his impending orgasm. His back was wet
with sex sweat and his penis was making loud noises as the strong farm boy
hands moved the skin back and forth. Suddenly he screamed, "Now bro, now,
do it!"Clem had turned his face around, his lips were pursed in readiness. Beau
leaned around and pressed his full, pink, hot lips against his brothers.
Clem moaned around Beau's lips and soon pressed his tongue into Beau's
mouth. Beau stiffened and cried out as he felt his own penis turning
harder and shooting great quantities of sperm inside his overalls. The two
boys held pre teen beautiful lolitas the kiss preteen cp lola pussy a long time as Beau finished his spurting and Clem's
strong stream of milk repeated four times until he released Beau's little little loli pussy lips and
rolled over on his back."Oh damn. That was somethin' else, brother Beau. I'm obliged to you for a
real good time."Poor Beau was dazed by the power preteen teen lolita pics
of his cum and could only nod.The next day, Clem was over to the next farm, visiting his drinking buddy,
Dexter. He couldn't wait to tell him about his milking. Dexter, who had a
strong streak of boy loving interest, perked up at the tale. He had always
admired the handsome Beau, and an intimate experience with him would be
more than he had ever hoped for. "Do you think he might......milk me too?"Sure he likes it, he made his own milk doin' it. He's probly queer, shure
pretty enough for it. Look, it's cow milkin' time right now. Let's go
over an see if'n he'd lak to try boy milkin' today."The two took two more pulls on their jugs, and put their arms around each
other waists for support and staggered over the mile back to Clem's farm.Soon the little tiny lolita girls
barn was in sight. They burst in, binding Beau, shirtless, doing
the milking. He smiled brightly when he saw then. He was always polite in
greeting others. "'Cuse me fer not wearin' a shirt. It's real hot in
here."Dex's hot eyes took in Beau's chest, the perfect muscles for hard farm
work, the flawless skin and the pale pink nipples. "Eh neighbor, Clem here
wuz tellin' me 'bout yer milkin' skills."Beau flushed red all over his cheeks and upper chest. "Well, Clem oughtn't
to tell family matters, but it is true. Why ya bring it up?"Dex wasn't sure how the younger boy would take it, but it dived right in.
"To tell the truth, I would admire to 'perience this milkin'"Beau clapped his hands in delight. "Thanks real fine. I'd admire to do it
fer ya." He turned to Clem. "Brother, maybe you oughta wait in the
house."Clem cleared his throat, and moved his preteen loli model undressed weight from one foot to the other.
"Tell you what Beau, I wuz thinkin' of staying and joinin' in with my good
friend Dex.""You mean both of you for milkin', jes lak a row of cow. I agree most
surely. Git off them clothes and git ready for the milkin'"Clem put his hand on Beau's bare shoulder. "It's not right fer us to be
jaybird nakid and you wid yer jeans on. Git naked lak us."One thing, Beau was not shy about nakedness. He shucked his pants as the
other two were unbuckling the straps on their overalls. In a moment the
three lads were all bare assed and looking with bright eyes at each other's
fine bodies, their cocks up and shaking with desire."Okay bossy and Missy, time fer yer milkin'". He put a warm hand on each
of the boys and pushed them into the position. The two were breathing loud
in anticipation of good milking feelings.Clem said softly as he sunk into position, his ass feeling the breezes from
the air coming in from the cracks between the boards of the rustic barn.
"Don't forget the rump slap.""No fear of that," said Beau, chuckling and feeling master of the moment.
He opened his hand and pulled it back and delivered a stinging slap on the
one fuzzy cheek of his brother's behind. Clem called out "Whoa, thanks
Bro. Don't forget tuther side."Beau evened the score. He was just about lolita nude toplist model to begin the milking when Dex
said in a baby voice, "Beau, I was bad today. I think I need a whacking.""Pleased to 'blige," said Beau in his new strong, masterful voice. He
wound up and smartly spanked Dex's full ass cheek. Dex eas a chunky boy
with a full round ass. Beau didn't wait for the next request, he just
slapped the other cheek for the same force.Dex's ;eyes were watering and he blubbered a little. "I'm real sorry
neighbor, but.....""Don't worry none, it was the best thing I ever felt," said Dex through his
sobs."Well now cows. I wish that you two moo 'cause yer utters are full and you
need a milkin' real bad."The two turned their faces toward each other. Clem was first. He let out
a plaintive cow moo. Dex followed, mooing even louder. They seemed to
like it and kept it up until both boys felt Beau's hands reaching for their
dangling organs.Both uttered the same "oooh" and "yeah" as their cocks preteen lola pussy bbs were treated to the
squeeze and pull of the milking action. In less than two minutes, both
boys had their eyes closed and their mouths open with tongues hanging out
in total sex daze. Dex was the first to gain some sort of consciousness.
He whispered something softly. "What did you say Dex?"Now Dex was the most experienced of the boys. Ever since his old cousin
had taught him to accept a big prick while he was corn holed, he yearned
for more ass action. He spoke a little louder as Clem opened his eyes in
surprise and said, "You askin' him to play 'round with yer ass?" Beau
didn't waste any time. This was a new idea to him and he had always been
interested in boy's asses when he saw them in the school showers. He
petted the big rump. He pinched the full cheeks.Clem heard and saw the pleasure that this was bringing to his friend. He
called out over his shoulder, "Beau, do it to me. After all, I'm yer
brother."Beau performed the same ass loving to his brother's downy ass cheeks and
stroked the side dimples. He was really enjoying bringing so much fun to
the "cows" and his own penis was so stiff, it was aching.Dex pleaded. "Beau boy, rub 'tween my cheeks."Beau pulled the meaty ass cheek apart. He could see the brown ring of the
Dex's ass hole. It was puckered and kissing in and out. He stroked the
hairless tract and tickled the pucker. That produced deep sighs and
groans. "Beau, if'n I had a million dollars, I'd give it to you right
now.""Hey brother, what 'bout me?"Beau spread his brother's ass cheeks. The tract between them was covered
with soft exploited teen lolita asian brown hair and the ass pucker was ringed with a circle of the
same. "It's real nice, Clem," he said. Clem was pleased.Meanwhile Dex was getting impatient. His cock was dripping constantly and
his ass was getting feverish with need. This time he didn't whisper.
"Beau, put yer finger inside the hole."Beau had never thought of that. He guessed that must feel good otherwise
Dex would not have asked him to do it. But when his finger pushed inside
the hat hole, he realized that he had discovered the mystery of backdoor
sex. Poor Dex was beside himself with excitement. He was drooling and
newling in passion. Clem looked at his friend, getting excited just seeing
the pleasure he was receiving. He called to Beau, trying to top his
friend's fun. "Beau, put yer prickhead into my hole."The room fell silent. This was a big deal, but Beau, always wishing to
please put his arms around his brothers slim waist and the head of his
slimy cock at the entrance to his brother's ass. He stayed that way, then
to his surprise, his brother moved backward, hard, and Beau's penis slipped
into the steaming hole. Suddenly Clem started to shake all over. "Oh man,
you doin' somthin' strange to me. Yer rubbin' over somethin' inside that
is makin' 'lectricity spark all over my spine. Keep doin' lolita pics gallery index it. It is the
finest feelin' I ever had."Of course Dex knew exactly what Clem was feeling. He also knew that Beau
was inadvertently breaking Clem in and that Dex could have a fuck boy in
the future. But right now he was jealous of the great feelings that Clem
was having. Dex had been fucked a few times and he loved it, though his
preference was to be the fucker. But what the hell, he thought. I might
as well get fucked today, I'm in the position right now.He called out to Beau. "Beau boy, I could use some of your prick in me.
Why doncha try goin' from one to tuther?"Beau who always liked being fair thought that was a good suggestion,
especially now in his present condition of flying along the edge of
cumming. He pulled out of his brothers tight hole and slipped into Dex's.
Dex immediately let out a cry like a siren. The boy's prick was huge and
thick and it touched every part of his excitable passage. Beau himself
felt the difference as Dex's insides were smooth and very hot.He fucked Dex for awhile, then Clem began to complaint and beg cutely for
attention. Soon the pretty farm boy was alternating between the two older
boys who were reduced to babbling idiots from the pounding.Suddenly Beau called out, "Clem, Dex, I ain't able to go on. My penis is
getting real hard and I feel my balls spinning in the sac. I'm agoing
deliver the evening"He sweetly filled Clem's hole and dragged himself halfway through his cum
to deliver the rest to Dex. The howling was music to his ears, knowing he
had pleased the boys.Dex and Clem rolled over on their backs. Clem said, "If I die in the next
minute, ;I've had my fill of pleasure."Dex seconded that when he was able to speak.End part one
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